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Babies to be the winner of the contect & win existing prizes.This is a baby photo contest website where parents can submit photos of their baby and get winner of the contest, win the prizes .

Do you have the cutest little baby in the entire world? Are you ready to share him or her with the world? Your bunch of happiness could be the next face of all new baby ads and commercials! Submissions for auditions for this fabulous baby contest are being accepted now.

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The Winners

Congratulations to all our Winners!
Krutika Sharma
Baby With Mother Contests

01-Jul-2016 to 31-Dec-2016

Kriya & Dipti Vaja
Baby With Mother Contest

01-Mar-2018 to 01-Oct-2018

Vishal Patel
8-12 years Old Contests

01-Jul-2016 to 31-Dec-2016

Arjun Shetty
4-7 years Old Contests

01-Jul-2016 to 31-Dec-2016

  • I’m enjoying to play and good service. Keep it up the good.

    Ekta Dave
  • I like everything about Diya Happenings, keep up the goodwork!

    Kajal kapoor
  • They were so quick in giving the prize! They are quick to answer any questions and fix any “drama” issues on the site.

    Poorvi Jain
  • I’m very happy with the prize and like how quick and easy it was to receive the prize.

    Kinjal Jadeja
  • Its a fun competition! I donated the full amount to the Competition in Orphanage.

    Niddhi Adesara
  • A little win for my daughters money box she was happy. very happy got prize really quick!

    Khushboo Vadgama
  • Thank you and happy to make top ten.

    Khayati Sinha
  • I’m happy with my prize and it gives every one a chance.

    Anjali Vadaliya

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